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Client Testimonial 1  Hi Tim. Just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding, professional inspection you performed for us in February. It was quite apparent right from the start we had made the right decision to engage your services. Your kind and professional attitude made us feel comfortable immediately. After discussing the findings we felt very good and confident we had made a great purchase. Your attention to details and thoroughness was just what we were expecting and you did not disappoint. All of your recommendations for future maintenance and monitoring of suggested areas will assure we will have the right course of action to follow and to be able to make educated decisions. Anne-Marie and I would be proud to recommend your services. Please add this email to your testimonial page so we may share our satisfaction with other buyers and sellers in the community. Extremely pleased !!!!!!
 Mike & Anne-Marie Twigg.

Client Testimonial 2  I could not believe how much information we were given from Tim at the inspection.  We followed him around for 3 hours and found things out about our new home that will come in handy and save us money for years to come. He made our buying decision easy and took a load off our minds.   Thank you.   Tim Cathy C.

Client Testimonial 3  I thought it would be a waste of time and money because I have been in the Real Estate Industry for over 20 years.  Tim proved me wrong.  He went into crawl spaces,  walked the roof,  crawled around the attic.... places where I would never go, and with his testing equipment  he even found a gas leak that had gone unnoticed for some time (very dangerous).
Thank you Tim ...from our  whole family.  Bruce  F.

Client Testimonial 4  Dear Mr. Cole     My wife and I were impressed by the professional standards that you employed in inspecting and reporting your findings to us on the state of that property and deficiencies you discovered there.  Your honesty has caused us to revaluate our position with respect to the purchase, since although not builders ourselves, we fear that the necessary repairs and replacements will not be cheap to accomplish to our satisfaction, especially at the distance that separates us from the site.
    We wish to thank you for the quality of the work that you were engaged to do there for us. A.Bambrough Ottawa

Thank you for your thorough and informative report.  It was nice to meet you and we're very pleased with the fine job you did for us.  We will address the relatively few and minor items that need attention right away; particularly the electrical issues.  We'll also make plans for replacing the water heater and a/c unit in the not-too-distant future.
Your professionalism is commendable and we thank you again for a job well done.  Please feel free to use us as references should the occasion occur.
Jim and Jackie - Feb. 2017

Tim -

Thank you for sending this!  And thanks so much again for your help tonight, you are very good at what you do and we really appreciate your honesty and help with all of this!

Alana & Tyler - March 2017

Tim -

Thank you very much for your thorough report.  In particular, the diagrams are really useful if/when, down the road, we may need to troubleshoot or anything like that.

We also wanted to express our appreciation for your professionalism and friendliness, as well as the way you go above and beyond what a simple report requires.  The gauss meter was unexpectedly useful and an eye opener!

If this property does not work out for us, you would be the first person on our mind to inspect any other property we might consider!

Many thanks!

Chris and Reni - April 2017
Thanks Tim, the report looks good, Ted is going to take care of the electrical issues soon.  You guys did a good job!
Cheers Jim  - September 2017